Feb 16, 2017

YouCam Perfect- selfie camera | | Free Download

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Perfection in every selfie! YouCam Perfect emphasize the beauty of the face in an instant. An extensive set of tools improves images. Tweak the tone of the face, tired eyes, remove wrinkles and modify features only a few movements!
Beauty Circle -Unique place for discovery and sharing of beauty trends
◇ Stay informed of the latest make-up trends, fashion and style
◇ Follow the experts’ byutistami “and others. Beauty Circle users whose photos and posts will serve as an inspiration
◇ Share your style, place for this photo to your profile and mark the products used to create your image
◇ Buy and write reviews about the products of your favorite brands.
◇ Join the Beauty Circle through YouCam Makeup or YouCam Perfect
Effects Skin byutifaera in real time directly in the camera
◇ skin Byutifaer working in real time, make your skin radiant!
◇ Remove yourself and your friends in the video and relive your selfie!
◇ already in browse mode, apply stylish effects and view the results before taking a picture
** Note: Function videoselfi available since Android 4.3 and above.
Improve your portraits in seconds!
◇ Definition of a group of persons will treat each person on your group selfie or “Uzi”
◇ Choice of 6 levels byutifaera- from natural to glamorous
◇ Feature “Smile :)” easily create a natural smile on individual and group photographs
◇ Front and rear cameras timer, flash and other
◇ Avtobyutifaer improves immediately after the image
◇ chop and rotate photos as you’d like
Simple steps to a flawless & radiant faces in each shot
◇ Razglazhivatel skin transform dry skin and removes wrinkles
◇ Dodge skin refresh tired and dark skin
◇ remover flaws remove annoying flaws
◇ Add blush & remove gloss shining face even without make-up
Changing the shape of the face: the face shape of your dreams
◇ symmetrical oblong face can become a reality for a minute
◇ Add contours of the face, express the true beauty
◇ nose of your dreams
Three functions for siyaschih eyes!
◇ Eye Magnifier will make your eyes irresistible
◇ remover eye bags reduce under-eye circles and puffiness
◇ remover red eye: The flash is not a problem
Deleting unnecessary objects- all the attention on you!
◇ Cut out the object and replace the background
◇ unique instrument occupies remove objects which are not has no other application
◇ Kindly remove unwanted objects from the background: all the attention on you!
Wasp waist and long legs at full length shots
◇ wasp waist in seconds
◇ Increased growth and elongation of the legs in one click
◇ taller and slimmer without heels
Treat and share with friends!
◇ Put selfie in one of 30 scenes and templates! Make your selfie creative and unique!
◇ effects and templates help you quickly change the style and mood of your shots
◇ “Smart collage” with intellegentnogo mechanism cutting automatically detects faces in images and skillfully places them in collages and scenes
◇ Magic Brush decorate your photos stickers desired colors and shapes
perfection in every selfie! YouCam Perfect emphasize the beauty of the face in an instant.
An extensive set of tools improves images, tweak the tone of the face, tired eyes, removes wrinkles and modify features in a matter of seconds! Install this unique camera for selfie supplemented with a photo editor and hundreds of spectacular collages, frames and scenes!
Edit summer photos taken on holiday, at a festival or on the go! Add stickers and text, blur effect, and others. Amazing effects.

What’s New

New filters for culinary aesthetes!
Create delicious pictures with our new food-filters!
– Updated fud- filters!
– New stickers for St Day. Valentine & Chinese New Year!


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