Jan 23, 2017

Tips for Pixel Dungeon

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I do not know for whom I am writing this review, because those who are not familiar with the bagels will be playing this game for a long time without success, and the familiar it seems quite simple. Here are described some private advice. It is not intended to be a complete description of the game or training strategy, but it can save you a lot of attempts.

This article relates primarily to the original Pixel Dungeon. For modifications (REMIX!) May be variations, some of them I specify. In addition, it makes for version 1.7.2, which is already obsolete in 2016. Changes in view of the latest versions is not included.

In principle, all the items in the game there are in-game descriptions, so to master it (especially humans, are already playing in the bagels), it is possible independently, without any wiki, guides, and more. However, there are some people who have already spent 300-400 attempts and still can not get through.

On the Structure of the game.
This game – a bagel (rogue-like). This means, first of all, the following 3 points (common for almost all the bagels):
1) Game – turn-based. JOG. You do not look that sprites are animated. Before any action is the time to think. Time infinity.
2) The appearance of items in each game is different. Potion of treatment in a single game was red, and the other – the potion of paralysis. But within the same game all the red potions do the same thing.
3) If you are dead – it’s forever. Save one, when you load the game, it is erased.

Features of this particular game:
1) The game has 5 “locations” on the 5 levels.
2) At the first level of location (except for the first level, ie at levels 6, 11, etc.), there is a shop.
3) At level 5 (5, 10, etc.) – is the boss, and nothing more.
4) In each location there are sure to scroll 1-3 “pumping” ( “Improvements”, Scroll of Upgrade) and 2 potions force (Potion of Strength).

The remix of the current 6 locations in depth and 2 branches. All 5 levels.

Strategic advice:
1) improve the scrolls should be spent only on those items that you use to end the game.
2) “Normal” if you decide to use for the passage of arms 3 and a level ( “order”, tier-3, tier-4, tier-5) and armor 4 or more levels (scales (scale mail), armor (plate mail), and in some versions have Gothic armor (gothic armor)). If you find something worse, not improve it, and wait until you will find rest, but so far can wear it. Technically, you can use the armor and weapons of any level, but then it may not be enough scrolls pumping
3) Dew vial – vial dew – it’s not fucking dog. Get familiar with how it works and try to keep it filled. Fill it should try for 1-4 levels, as then it will be very difficult to do.
4) If the item you do not need – throw away. There is nothing to carry with all garbage.
5) Seeds. With the seeds of a very interesting system. Get familiar with how to use them separately. You can also (optionally) to deal with how to turn them into potions.
6) Try to eat as little as possible – only if you Starving (starving, “depleted”) And you have little health. Sufficient number of potions of treatment (Potion of Healing) allows you to do without food – but spend it on is a pity.
7) In each location, except the fifth, is a “quest”. Packs should be carried out, as as a result you get nishtyak.
8) go down to the level below should be after your level of experience has become greater than the current dungeon level. Those. the second level to go down just after the kill 10 rats.

Tactical advice:
1) Items should be as soon as possible to identify.
a) I found a stick must immediately shoot (but not against the wall, and that there is space). Shoot until you run out of charge. The current number of charges will not be visible, but you at least know what it is level. The remix, if you use a stick many times, it becomes evident and the current number of charges, too.
b) put on the Ring and go for a while – the ring is identified. Be careful, it can be a curse – that risk has to go.
c) The scrolls are all relatively safe, just make sure that you have something that you want to “pump” if the scroll will scroll “pumping” ( “Improvements”, Scroll of Upgrade) and that you have something to identify if it will roll identification ( “identification”, Scroll of identify). The remix has a dangerous scroll – Scroll of curse. If you read it, everything you are wearing damned (but does not lose charm level). Therefore, before reading an unknown scroll disclaims all. Just do not lay on the floor, t.k.svitok may be a scroll of teleportation. And you will find yourself in an unknown place with a bare ass and without a sword in his hand. I have a been.
g) That the most difficult potions. There are three dangerous potion – a potion of liquid fire (Potion of Liduid Flame), toxic gas Potion (Potion of Toxic Gas) and paralyzing potion gas (Potion of Paralytic Gas). To combat the first cell to stand on the water. To combat the second is nothing else to do, but it is better to stand close to the door, so that if he would leave the room (outside the gas does not come out). With the last fight can not be the only salvation – a drink that can be paralyzing gas in the first level of the room when you go there only later. There is never a monster and all monsters on the level at the time asleep. Stagger monsters is not generated. Thus, the probability of the arrival of “guest” is minimal.
2) On the level there are special rooms. If the entrance to the room closed bookshelf (1 cell) or “dosochnoy barricade”, somewhere on the level there is a potion of liquid fire (Potion of Liduid Flame) – it is necessary to throw in the barricade (not diagonally). If there’s room, where the fish are, somewhere on the level there Invisibility Potion (Potion of Invisibility). Finally, if there is a room with a void instead of a floor or a bunch of traps (and all the same, but on the “wrong side” – nishtyak on a pedestal), somewhere in the level, there is a potion of levitation (Potion of Levitation). In practice, this means that in no case can not drink unfamiliar potions until you have inspected the whole level! If examined and found one such room, and you have not yet identified the corresponding potion, then come to the room and drink / drop unknown until you get the desired effect. If two rooms and two unidentified potions, here as lucky – one room can stay neobokradennoy. Then we have to look at the following levels similar potion (it has to be identified), and then return.
3) What to buy and not to buy in the shops? Do not buy:
a) food – it is less nutritious than the usual, but spend the money
b) Ankh (Ankh) – in theory he gives resurrection, but you lose the entire inventory except what you were wearing. It’s very, very sad. Meaningful Anh questionable.
c) Weapons, armor – outside the store, you can find the same thing.
a) the treatment of potions (Potion of Healing).
b) balancing stone – Weightstone, remix called “sinker”. Firstly, it can improve the weapon, if you apply it (the speed or accuracy), and secondly, it resets the degradation, if you play with the degradation.
c) potions, scrolls, which are needed. But not as a reserve, and in case of need. If there are unidentified scrolls / potions, especially more than one piece – take! Unidentified – cheaper.
g) bags of seeds, sticks and rolls (each store one – Seed Pouch, Scroll Holder, Wand Holster). Firstly, you save inventory slot. Second, the bag rolls, for example, protects them from fire. Your pumping scroll longer burn liquid flame! If any type of object known you do not use in this game, you can not buy. So, I do not always buy a case for sticks and almost never buy a quiver, which is in the remix.
4) Be sure to understand the use of the door. If the monster has just opened the door and standing in the doorway, a chance to get on it – 100%. It is good to use against ghosts, as well as in all other cases. This works even if the monster was walking behind you on the heels. Even if the weapon in your hand does not fit you in power by 6 points! In addition, the chance to get 100% on the sleeping monster or the one that has just entered into your field of vision.
5) Do a ghost in the 2-4 level, it is desirable to ask armor. However, if you have already found more or less armor (chain mail – Mail Armor or better), you can ask for a weapon. For Huntress (Huntress) – uniquely armor. The owner should take the wands wand offensive (Battle wand), if you have not found a normal attack sticks, because you still have to fight the Tengu (second boss). If you play for the Huntress (= you have a boomerang), or have already found a normal anti-Tengu (attacking sticks, poisoned arrows, and toxic paralyzing potions, etc.), then we can take a non-stick fighting (non-battle wand) . Smith in the third location merges any two identical uncursed no negative charged object in a better Quality yedinichku. Example: armor + 4, and the same armor + 0 = 5 + armor. armor + 4, and the same armor + 4 = 5 armor. Drain can be anything – armor, weapons, sticks, rings. I even boomerangs merged (one removed from his corpse in the previous game).
6) You can find out what is in the two chests of gold if tapnut the question mark, and then on the chest. The same thing – you can see that in the hands of the living statue by a question mark.

Actually, I went over all the roles (but not for all of the subclasses).

For the warrior, I went in a previous post – zhz00.diary.ru/p201766110.htm (42 attempts). Then it became easier.

Then I decided to try the mage. 5 attempts. And 4 attempts at 2am have failed very quickly, and the fifth the next day went right and well. Mage (warlock) got a big warrior, though managed to find a wand of fire. For the magician by the end I was left with so many resources, I decided to get back to the surface, and successfully made, although in the lower location I was nearly killed. Battle Axe + 5 without anything, Mage Robe of Viscosity (41 points per attack), Ring of Thorns + 1, Wand of Fire + 5, Ring of Herbalism + 3, Wand of Regrowth + 1. In fact due to the last two of items I accumulated dofiga resources. I raised a bunch of plants, gathered a bunch of seeds, cooked a bunch of potions, etc. Really I liked Viscosity armor – it gives the chance that damage will be issued on a character at once, but gradually, allowing less to monitor the health and otsrachivaet death (well, and reduces the likelihood of sudden death).

For a thief (freerunner) I spent a total of 4 attempts. Venomous Sword + 5, Rogue garb of Affection (46 points per attack), Ring of Haste + 3, Ring of Haste + 7. Successfully found of items. I would like to speak out against the enchanting Affection, if you have enough distance weapons. I thought that I was going to die, because I got the chance to hit the final boss once every 20 or 30 moves. I already spent it all found darts, Tomahawk, and so on. In addition, I was almost killed in the last location absolutely horrible case. I stepped on the nerve gas trap, and then passed by a scorpion. This scorpion, damn it, shoot from afar. So he did not get into a cloud of gas and did not paralyze. Instead, he shot me. He blew me over 250 health points. Well, I had a full Dew vial. Strictly speaking, only because of this I survived because all I had only 140 points, and after the end of the paralysis – less than 25%. I thought to be a real YASD – although in this game such a little. Due to the limited gameplay most of the deaths inevitable.

For the hunter (sniper), I spent the whole 8 attempts. Here for it I’m always killed on the 1st and 2nd level, while for others even in unsuccessful attempts I usually reached 3-4 or even poured on Goo. Play became much easier when I figured out how to use a boomerang, and when I read the guide –
pixeldungeon.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:TheDarkok … (very cool it is written, by the way)
(not completely), began to play a more easier. And when I read to the end (after the passing), I realized that there are still a bunch of hunter opportunities, which I did not know. Vampiric Sword + 0 (just fire, still 90% of the time enjoyed a boomerang), Huntress cloack of Viscosity (36 points per attack), Ring of Haste + 6, Ring of Evasion + 4, Venomous boomerang + 6. Of interesting – I picked up from the remnants of his previous game another boomerang and merged them into one blacksmith in a third location! In addition, the final boss, I tried to hit the eye under the invisibility (as a boomerang does not remove stealth), so lyavry did not surround me, but somewhere departed, they left an empty space in the end they have produced, to put it mildly, dofiga:

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