Dec 27, 2016

Special Candies and Super combinations

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Any one relatively serious about covering serious tracks aboard the Candy Crush train knows the importance of ‘Special’ candies; stripy ones, wrapped ones and the ever delicious Chocolate Freckles! So how do you go about creating this powerful candy smashing goodness? Well its relatively simple once you get used to recognising and manipulating patterns and you do get more proficient at it as the game progresses (well you have to get better at it or you have no chance of progressing at all) All aboard!! CHOO CHOO!

special candy

Three candies of the same colour will ‘crush’ or destroy those candies, the game board then drops down new candies and things fall usually in a vertical manner (as the game progresses some boards have obstacles that cause candies to fall around them). Match four candies in a straight line either vertically or horizontally and you get a striped candy, with horizontal or vertical stripes depending on how it was formed. These stripes determine which way it will explode too, which will come in handy to know and use once the boards get trickier and the moves fewer. You can also use striped candy to ‘hit’ and trigger other striped candies across the other side of the board. Just remember not to have two of the same direction in one line, otherwise when exploded one will be wasted.


When two striped candies are combined a single column in all four directions will be taken out.

stripe Two striped candies may be combined together regardless of colour if they are next to one another, this sets off a single column explosion in four directions, quite an effective little boom! For a little more ‘BANG’ though, combine a striped with a wrapped candy and watch three lanes of dual directional crushing take place, this can effectively clear 1/3 of your board in a single go and again these can be combined regardless of colour.

3st13st3 To get a wrapped candy you need an ‘L’ or a ‘T’ shape, keep looking for combinations or part combinations that can be 50acompleted by manipulating single column either horizontally or vertically. If you nearly have a pattern check and see if you can run candies through the space without disturbing the existing useful candies until the required colour appears. Two wrapped candies combined together provide an impressive explosion which can be very handy indeed when it comes to wiping off a large portion of your board.


Develop the pattern required to create a wrapped candy by manipulating the final green candy into place


A freckle (or candy bomb) is 5 candies of the same colour all in a neat little row. Again there are a few different ways to manipulate the candy to make and importantly to set up such colour connections and super combinations. Alone these special candies are very useful but together they add an entirely new crunchy dimension to the game. As you progress you will find the importance of such special candies and combinations increases with certain levels even dedicated to specific combinations. Colour bombs are so versatile and such an integral part of the game that they have earnt their own page!

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