Feb 7, 2017

Piano Tiles 2 (the Piano the Tiles)

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an interesting and unusual game, the gameplay which is completely built on the music. The game is very exciting and fascinating, for it is possible to spend a lot of time, not even noticing how it flew by. Ideal to brighten up your leisure time in a long queue, the subway, boring pair / lesson, subway or at work. In addition, the developers of the creation of perfectly optimized and does not impose hardware platform smartphone high demand, so will work fast even on a device with weak filling. And now proceed directly to the description of the gameplay.

Still # 1 from the game Piano Tiles 2 (Hacking)

When the game starts, we immediately get to the first level, more precisely on our first song. No training developers child does not provide, they found that here everything is pretty obvious. So it is in fact, control is very simple and intuitive: the playing field is a set of rectangles that symbolize the piano keys. Some of the boxes are black, some – transparent. Here on these same boxes and will be based nature of the game.


And it consists in the following: the level of start-up will start playing music, the field will begin to move in our direction and it will appear black rectangles. According to him, and to press the player doing this, you will play the part of the party music playing in the current time of the song, you should try to get into the rhythm, that is, press on rectangles until they went off the screen.


If you make a mistake or miss one of the boxes, then you have to start the level from the beginning, so that we can say that the game is pretty hardcore. After completing a song you will be given the opportunity to get bonus points in a special mini-game where you need to reap the golden rectangle. When finished with this, you get into the mode, which offers the song to play infinitely with gradually increasing speed for the same bonus points. The local currency is spent on the purchase of new songs.

Screenshot # 2 from the game Piano Tiles 2 (Hacking)

Regarding the visual component: the graphics in this game is almost not present as such, but the interface and the other elements are fine, no complaints there. A solid five.

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