Jan 30, 2017

Master for Minecraft-Launcher

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** Podderzhkamaynkraft (Minecraft) Pocket Edition
This app requires your mcpe
[Key features] ★ All fashion in one ★
√ Player: Unbreakable | Flight | Acceleration
√ Game: Change the weather | time | MODE | Show life
√ Subject: TMI (too many items) | Enchantment | Mobs
√ Local Server: Move to friends
√ Fast assembly: Put the line, the cube, the sphere at the touch of a button
★ ★ Import & Download
ModPE | Card | Textures | Skins | Seeds
★ Addon Download & Import ★
The new version supports downloading and importing addon. Players can now download the addon directly from MCPE Master touch of a button. It is also a handy tool addon addon to import the file that you phone.
▲ MCPE Mod:
Weapon Mods | Gun Mods | Furniture Mod | Portal Mods | zhivotnoeMods | Dragon Mods | Redstone Mods
▲ MCPE Maps:
Adventures Card | Parkour Cards | Minigame Maps | PVP Maps | Horror Maps | roller coaster Card | Hide and Seek Card | Survival Card | Redstone Maps | Maps architecture
This is not only a launcher for MC PE, but also a fantastic application to download Maynkraft maps, skins, texture packs, seeds and mods. There are a lot of cards to Maynkraft. Players can download the adventure map, PVP maps, MiniGame cards, etc. Master Maynkraft will update Maynkraft maps, skins, texture, seeds and mods for Maynkraft every day, so that players can gain access to the latest resources and enjoy the game MCPE. We will continuously focus on finding more packages resources. You can even submit their own MC PE maps, skins, texture, seed or mods that will be added to the MCPE Master. They can send e-mail (in mcpemaster11@gmail.com), or downloaded through the port in the application.
▲ For MC PE skins, there is a function called 3D-view. Thousands of skins for MC PE available. You can view the skins of 360 degrees and a free download.
▲ For MC PE mods, there are many mods, the White Bear events, all kinds of guns, mods for pets mods, TNT Fashion, fashion dragon. All interesting card, cool skins, amazing textures and a variety of mods can be applied to your mcpe, simply click the button to download and use.
We do not koopiriruem with Mojang. And this is not an official Mojang app.
Name MCPE, brand assets and your mcpe your mcpe all this property Mojang AB or its respectful owners.
………………………………………….. ……………….
your mcpe the Master by Official Website:
the Check out the videos from more Minetubers:
※ AWESOME TOO MANY for the ITEMS 0.13.0! !! – The Inventory Editor is for your mcpe – the PE of Minecraft (the Pocket Edition is)

※ TOO MANY in the MOD 0.13.0 the ITEMS !!! – The Update your mcpe the Master – the PE of Minecraft (the Pocket Edition is)

※ the RAPID the BUILD the MOD !! – Minecraft Pocket Edition MCPE Master App UPDATE ! + 0.14.3 (the Pocket Edition is)

What’s New

How it works Support for the skin 1.
2. the Reveal mysterious function: Store is selling now! Just ender dragon is a themed floating window


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