Jan 4, 2017

Managing non-gaming Facebook friends and Candy Crush

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Like most things in life, Candy Crush is more fun with friends, and the more friends you have the more exciting (and convenient) it is! However anyone with a healthy Facebook life knows how difficult it can sometimes be to manage your ‘sweet sweet’ candied addiction and keep everyone on your friends list happy. It also doesn’t help that Facebook itself likes to broadcast your every online move to anyone standing still long enough to listen.candy crush keep calmIn order to maintain some semblance of harmony it may help to pop a periodic post up saying something along the lines of “If you don’t want to see my Candy Crush/Farmville/Papa Pear awesomeness don’t be jealous, just kindly click on the little tab to the right of the post and block it from your news feed” Upon saying this though some people just like to whinge! Here is a more detailed run down on removing game notifications from your feed that will stop all apps entirely: 1. Click on the little cog in the upper right corner near your name. 2. Click on “Privacy Settings” 3. Scroll down and look for “Ads, Apps and Websites” then click the words “Edit Settings” in the right column next to that. 4. Look for “Turn off all apps.” and click the words “turn off” OR You can hide one game at a time from your newsfeed by using the drop down menu on the right side of any post by that game and choosing “Hide All By_____” OR You can block requests from individual games by selecting “Apps and Games” in the left hand column of the page with your newsfeed. Then click the “X” next to a request from the game you want to block. A box with then appear and the middle line will read “Block ______” Click those words. On the other hand though you may not be particularly comfortable broadcasting your online gaming activity, especially if you dare to mix your social and professional profiles. Not everyone is exactly proud of how much time they actually spend on these deliciously addictive games, good news is with a little forethought you can effective hide your addiction whilst still feeding it with the satisfying ‘crunch’ of extra lives, free moves and the ever essential boarding passes!

  • Find your allies! – find friends who are just like you, who play regularly and won’t mind being harassed at all hours of the day or night for that extra life…and admit it, no one wants to wait for boarding passes, attach a message to that baby and smack it on their wall!
  • Make a List! – Use your Facebook smart lists to select who see’s certain posts, when posting anything game related just simply select this list ‘only’ from the drop down tab. Keep your allies happy and haters quiet!
  • Go and make new friends! – If you search them out you will find Facebook groups and pages where like minded people come together, select carefully of course but it’s often a fun way to get to know new people (and gather yummy extra lives & moves!) I might just point out that smart lists can be great in this instance, add new friends but keep them from seeing too much personal information by managing your privacy settings.

  • If you are utterly terrified of your friends and family finding out your ‘dirty little candy secret’ or can’t be bothered taking elaborate measures to keep everyone happy there is always the option of a ‘fake’ or alter ego profile. Grab a Gmail or Hotmail address and set up a new Facebook page to be used exclusively for gaming and competitions, the benefit of this is you can plaster your page with whatever game related posts you like, add as many ‘randoms’ as you please…oh and you can also send your self (your real self) lives and passes!


  • Or just keep it quiet, ticker is a bit of a pain, but a lot of what people see is automatically posted by the game. If you go into you privacy settings you will find a page dedicated to App security, it will most probably list a series of apps that have permission to post on your behalf, you can’t change this but you can change the audience from public, friends, lists (‘gamers’ only) or in my case It’s for my eyes only, no one needs to know how much I play except me ..that’s our little secret!


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