Feb 11, 2017

Mafia III: Gangs Free Download 2017

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Seized control of New Bordeaux, in the game “” Mafia III: Gangs “,” perfect new battle of RPG, action which takes place in a cruel and violent world of Mafia III. Become a boss and create their own crime family. Extractive for their characters real gangster weapons, items, cars. Roofs Business and bouncers competitors. With the growth of your strength and your power is growing in the criminal underground. Eventually you will become the owner of the city.

CITY rotten under him
intimidate urban bottom of New Bordeaux and make it work for you. Climb into his team to 40 crime bosses from the universe of Mafia III, pump over their skills and create the coolest gang in New Bordeaux.

Declares war
slugger waves of attacks of enemy gangs in brutal battles with RPG style around the central business district of New Bordeaux and earn trophies!

Do not forget the outfit
issued by his men guns, knives, body armor, brass knuckles, cool cars, and much more to enhance their performance and prepare them for combat.

Fight with live players
fight other players from all over the world and earn a reputation in strategic battles, which will show who’s the coolest.

exciting cover to pump his gang and receive additional bonuses, such as increased revenue, damage, and many others.

add friends to compete with them in the Network Leaderboard and receive a special ability.



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