Dec 22, 2016

Level 65 – Demystified

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Level 65 seems to be the Candy Crush maker or breaker, there are obviously those who stubbornly battle on not letting this stage defeat them, and judging by the pile of friends I have loitering at this this point, there are those go ‘ok I’m out’. Now this is possibly a good thing, not the quitting part obviously, the determination development….because well lets just say there is a whole lot more trickiness to come!

I have just revisited Level 65 to refresh my mind as to what all the fuss is about and from my lofty view all the way up beyond level 430 I’m going to have to say ‘You can do it!!’ (did I just sound like Rob Schneider?) No doubt it is tricky to clear your way into those little single cube edged parts, but this is essential special candy making training! (not to mention stamina fortifying!)

65 2

And this is what you have to do….40 moves, its not a lot but you will get the hang of making every move count!

  • First of all get rid of that chocolate, have a feast & devour the lot, no seriously dont do anything else until you have removed it all. Every time you remove a piece you can safely make another move without anymore growing, if you dont it will spread and this covered cube will take three ‘crushes’ to remove the jelly; one to remove the chocolate, one to remove the first layer of jelly and one to finish it (well the outer cubes anyway). The only exception to this is if there is a combination too good to refuse staring straight at you. You should be able to do this in at most 10 moves, look for the crushes that ideally take out more than one piece at a time and stay on task!
  • Look for patterns and make those special candy combinations! This is perhaps more important than trying to ‘break out’ the wired in candies as an explosion will do this for you. (same deal goes though, if you see a combination too good to refuse, go for it!) Ideally you want to make the hard hitters, a candy bomb and a striped and striped and wrapped, or any combinations will do. A striped on striped is ok but just remember to look where it will go off, dont waste moves if it is in the wrong column.
  • I dont think this board is actually logistically possible to complete without the use of combinations, there is just too much jelly to break and too many tricky nooks. The following is a rundown of the strike of luck I just had, well a little luck and many many hours of practise! (yes I too was once stuck on this level for days!). It took me nine moves to destroy the chocolate, then onto building special candies until I had some good combinations. Look carefully though, I was lucky my striped and wrapped missed the colour bomb and striped combo, that would have really spoilt my run if that had blown up!


671 670651Woo Hoo oh and look I got to make a sad little unicorn happy! or a sad horse a unicorn…I haven’t figured out that one yet!


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