Feb 7, 2017

Jungle the Run of Rayman Android Game For PC

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Jungle the Run of Rayman – re-release of one of the best known platformer with character Reiman.

Still # 1 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)


No particular scene in the game there, but the gameplay is rather addictive, though in it and there is no possibility of full control over the protagonist. From the very first level of the character himself actively moves without stopping even the dangers, and the player is to do only one thing – to press on the screen to perform a jump and use a variety of abilities and bonuses.

Screenshot # 2 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)

The game is divided into several worlds, and in the transition to a new world of change not only appearance, but little actual gameplay rather add one of the new elements. At first need to complete the training, and then in front of us will open additional opportunities, for example, a short flight, running along the vertical wall, and even punching and kicking.

Scene # 3 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)

On each level you have to move forward and enjoy the colorful locations, collect coins and useful items. If you get to choose everything that will be on the level, you get a huge red crystal. When collecting four such crystals, you will gain access to one of the bonus levels. Each of the worlds has a bonus level, so do not miss your opportunity.

Screenshot # 4 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)

Immediately it is worth noting that the game was not easy, in addition to our disposal will always be one life to lose, which is easy enough, it is necessary only to distract and level immediately starts from the beginning.

Screenshot # 5 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)

Graphics and Sound

In terms of graphics the game has no complaints and, in spite of his great age, the game is showing good results. Very bright levels, good detail, unusual locations and constant transformation of the worlds. The soundtrack is very atmospheric, sound and did not disappoint.

Screenshot # 6 from the game Rayman Jungle Run (Hacking)


Jungle the Run of Rayman – a good platformer, which for a long time will delight all fans of Raimi. The final score – 5.0 points.

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