Feb 7, 2017

Jungle Jumping Free Android Game

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Jungle Jumping is a dynamic, exciting and hardcore arcade. This game is well addictive and perfect to brighten up your leisure time in a boring couple / lesson, line, metro, the way to work and other places, which can be very boring and you need to escape to the time passed quickly. She also has extremely low to iron your smartphone requirements, so that quietly run on most modern devices, will run quickly and smoothly. And now proceed directly to the description of the gameplay.

Photo # 1 from the game Jungle Jumping


The Jungle Jumping we will manage a small yellow duck, moving along the endless river, located in the wild jungle. All environment consists of a dice game, it is an important part of the local game play. Management here is very simple and intuitive: if you tapnite in the left half of the screen of the smartphone, the duck will jump ahead one block, and if you press the right side – the bird will jump immediately two dice. In this and the whole essence of Jungle Jumping is built. Goal of the game – doprygat the river as far as possible, while collecting along the way gold coins. However, all is not so simple: you will face a variety of traps and obstacles, to cope with which is quite difficult. The most ridiculous and illogical of them – water. As strange as it may sound, but the duck apparently did not know how to swim, and if you jump into the river, you’ll get the inevitable Game Over. Also fearless bird will jump on the backs of crocodiles, it is worth to be careful: from time to time they open their mouth and can inadvertently to drop right into it. Also be careful with the turtles – they have the unpleasant property suddenly move, nullifying all your plans to get a good result. Well, the basic rule – only the stone blocks are firmly under the duck. All the rest is slowly but surely go under the water, so it is especially a lot of time to think, you will not. Collected enough coins, you can purchase in-game store the other characters and the environment.

Screenshot # 2 from the game Jungle Jumping


Regarding the visual component: Jungle Jumping in attractive minimalist three-dimensional graphics. She looks fresh and beautiful. Game very quickly and smoothly. A solid five.

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