Jan 27, 2017

Ingress 1.111.0 download free for Android

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Ingress – is a kind of a game that combines traditional elements with the technology of augmented reality, and gives a completely different experience, which differs from all what we are used to (especially on mobile devices).

Before the start of the game you will need to decide which of the two parties you want to join: the Illuminati or resistance. No matter which side you take, the gameplay will be roughly the same, but the game will be radically different goals. At that time, as some will seek to infect the city, others will try to save humanity.

The most interesting thing in the Ingress that the entire world is becoming a gaming arena. The player can move to any part of the city, thanks to augmented reality, turning the streets, parks, coffee shops or anything in the private space of the game. You will find the hidden portals everywhere.

Finally, for you to have a better idea of how the game works, it should be noted that Ingress is a mixture of RPG and strategy. You will need to conquer space and area to destroy the enemy in the end. Or at least get back to their own areas, which were captured by the enemy.

Ingress is a really special game that will give a unique experience to all users of Android. Maybe that way and will be the future of gaming?

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