Jan 3, 2017

Impossibly stuck in Candy Crush – Sanity saving Hints and Tips

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There is no question, Some Candy Crush levels are HARD and the longer you are stuck for the harder these levels seem. When I get to the point of frustration there are a few things I try that may or may not make any actual difference, but I always get there in the end!

  • Change your orientation; on a phone or tablet try switching from traditional portrait to landscape, or vice verse. Sometimes this helps to make patterns appear more visible. Now on a desktop or laptop computer this obviously isn’t going to work (please don’t picture me my turning my laptop on its side) if I have to use a PC to crack a level I find taking a step back or changing the angle can often help. It’s as if staring for too long hides potential moves in plain view, well you do spot them eventually…usually the microsecond after you make a move.

Landscape view

Portrait View


  • Pick a colour and go for it, particularly on boards such as Level 65, where they are otherwise open and all you need to do is remove the jelly. Once you have ‘stabilized’ the board, which means removing all threats such as spreading chocolate or time bombs, focus on removing a single colour or every colour but one, doesn’t matter which one either. This works a little like a colour bomb, reducing candies on the board thus increasing the odds of creating the right combinations needed for those big explosions!


  • Head for the hills…well the online version anyway, If you are stuck beyond belief then odds are you are not alone! Thankfully there are those who came before you saw, conquered and blogged all about it! Step by strategy guides are available and will help!
  • If all else fails and you are finding yourself stuck beyond any vaguely funny period of time (I’m talking weeks!) you can always try the old ‘switch it off & back on again’. Check out the app store to see if there are any updates available, if so download them immediately. I found myself on a level for nearly four weeks and the very next game after an update completed the level, now that’s just a coincidence you say? I thought so too but it’s happened more than once, so either way I’m sold! If this should fail however then delete the App altogether and then re-install it, don’t ask me why it helps but when you are desperate you’ll try anything!..I did and it worked!



Just remember it is possible to finish the entire Candy Crush Saga without ‘coining’ or paying for boosters and lives, save your cash and enjoy the ride! truth is once you finish..its finished, they dont even send you a bumper sticker! My biggest sanity saving tip though…turn the music and sounds off! And when you start seeing candy behind closed eye lids take a break…a long one! Oh and enjoy it, its a game, a clever and often tricky one undoubtedly, but still just a game!

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