Jan 18, 2017

Game Angry Birds (Angry Birds)

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A brief history of the game Angry Birds is – bad pig stole the golden eggs of birds, causing angry birds declared war pigs. Game play Angry Birds with his idea causes addictive players. The player shoots the evil birds from a catapult on the housing of pigs. The popular game has received very positive feedback from the millions of fans of games for mobile phones Apple, Nokia and Android.

The history of success of the game Birds of Angry:

of Angry Birds game for mobile phones in an instant soared to the Apple Store on the top line of games rating. Now the popularity of the game so dramatically that the whole gaming world of mobile games centered around this amusing and catching toy. The most enthusiastic of gamers say that the game Angry Birds is not just a game, but a phenomenon that is overgrown with bright events. People (fans evil bird) baked cakes and cookies with images of the game characters, dress up in costumes of evil birds. And in addition to the sale of souvenirs and stuffed toys of evil birds and evil pigs, placing about Angry Birds fun videos on YouTube, even on television began to appear angry birds …

The genius of the creators of Angry Birds.

Toy Angry Birds, developed by the Finnish mobile game studio Rovio Mobile Ltd .. The company has already sold more than seven million copies of the game exclusively for the Apple iPhone and iPod devices. And with the help of different platforms the game already has tens of millions of users, whose number is constantly growing.

So what’s the secret of success of the game Angry Birds? As I told Willie Heyyari vice president of public relations of Rovio Mobile: One of the most important reasons for the success is the simplicity and ease of play. Anyone can download, start the game and quickly learn how to play. The game has a unique, original characters and mechanics that produce results immediately, in response to the actions of the player.

Heyyari says Angry Birds app more than a game.

There are many different opportunities for different adventures and stories in the world of the evil birds. All these words are only a small part of which covers some idea of the wide world of this game – it’s more than a game.

The company has already started to transfer games to other platforms for the implementation of ideas outside of the game world. A small, remote office in Rovio flint Valley, California, is expected to help in the signing of the various agreements and treaties. The consequence will be the appearance, for example, the international film and television content, a variety of publications and other by-products of the media.

The developers of Angry Birds believe that anything concrete has not yet materialized for the release, but they are currently in negotiations with several different companies. So for example, we can already pre-order the toys, through their own online shop. The repertoire is constantly growing, and developers of Angry Birds toys agree to cooperate with a giant toy company Lego production.

On top of the world game industry.

The expectations of the company and the goals are set high. Over the next five years, Rovio intends to become one of the leading studios in the games world, especially in the field of daily entertainment. Angry Birds is one of the most famous entertainment brands to the west, which continues to gain popularity. The total number of game downloads exceeded 50 million for the year.

Rovio Mobile knows how to hit the gaming business. Company, which was established in 2003 by a group of students to the popularity of Angry Birds, was able to develop over 50 mobile games. The company is currently seeking to slow to its goal of becoming a leading company for entertainment content.

In a global sense, the game Angry Birds has grown from a mobile phone framework, and it really confirmed. Investors regularly knock on the door of the company that created the mega popular game about evil birds and bad svinyushek, it confirms Heyyari.

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