Dec 7, 2016

Download Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC – Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC for Free

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Know Your Yet Another Pixel Dungeon App – Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC

Download Yet Another Pixel Dungeon App on your Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PCYet Another Pixel Dungeon (or YetAnotherPD for short) is a roguelike RPG with pixel graphics and simple controls. Like most other games in this genre, it features randomly generated levels, relatively high difficulty and a large number of things to learn. And like most other games of its genre, it is quite challenging.
This game is based on the source code of another Android game, Pixel Dungeon. It began as a small project with the goal to improve the original game here or there, but has since gradually grown into something much, much bigger. The games are quite different from each other, so there is no need to play the original game before trying this one.

The main feature of YetAnotherPD which makes it different from original game and other mods is that it is mostly focused on tweaking game mechanics in order to make the game more interesting, diverse and balanced. Anyone who is familiar with the original game will have much to learn again in YAPD.

The features of this mod at this point:

– Four character classes were reworked and now have different strengths and weaknesses

– Four difficulty variants, to provide adequate challenge for every type of a player

– A variety of equipment options – dual wielding, firearms, shields, and more!

– Most enchantments on the weapons and armor now are more powerful than before

– Environment now affects stealth and evasion, encouraging a more tactical approach

– All bosses have been completely or partially reworked and are now even more epic!

– New items, enemies, traps, and interactions added between them!

– Loading tips and more detailed information about items and character stats

– Improved user interface – auto-aiming, extended journal and other stuff

– Both new and modified potions, scrolls, wands, rings and other items…

– Healing, stealth, wand usage and item durability systems were reworked!

– Many old enemies gained new abilities or were moved to other parts of the dungeon

– Each chapter now contains six floors (a total of 31 floor dungeon instead of 26)

– Shops are now on every fifth level, and their assortment has become more varied

– Even more features are coming later since this project is still in development!


YetAnotherPD is absolutely, totally and completely free. There are no advertisements, microtransactions or limited access, and will never be. Most likely, even the “donate” button will only be added after the main release.

Of important notes: first, this mod keeps degradation system from original game, but it was reworked to be much more fair and adequate. It also limits item upgrades to a maximum of +3, but do not fear as everything was rebalanced accordingly. These features are inherent to the game system now and they will not be removed.

As a second important note, mind that subclasses, unique class armors, Lloyd’s Beacon and Dew Vial were removed from the game. Some of these things were reworked into something different (Dew Vial, unique class armors), while other are gonna be brought back later (subclasses, Lloyd’s Beacon).

This project is the product of open source software under GPLv3 License. You can find the source code for the current version here:

There are lots of changes in this mod, so it is highly recommended to check its Pixel Dungeon wikia article to avoid initial confusion:

Finally, I want to say that I am open to suggestions and bug reports and always happy to hear your opinion about my project, whatever it is. So do not hesitate to PM on reddit ( or e-mail me to

A special thanks to everyone who supported this little project one way or another 😉

I wish good luck to all fellow rat punchers and demon slayers out there!

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Azxc HK
Keep it up! I first started playing the scattered PD,after playing over 1000 runs i realised that it was no longer a challenge but a game of luck (i.e. grinding health potions and upgrade scrolls). Now i found this modification and decided to give it a try,guess i have made the right choice!it seems that i have to be more careful on my resource management and there are a lot of new systems for me to explore!Hope to see those artifacts to be back to further create more dynamic gameplay C:
The Minez
After sinking 30+ hours into it I have to admit, it is great as is. It already can compete with Shattered as is. With the frequency of updates, support and ideas of fans, and the dev’s willingness to try to include the ideas into the game, they might make the most popular pixel dungeon yet. (Another pixel dungeon. I somewhat wanted to put that in there and I have no regrets!) Overall, this deserves about 4.9 rat punches out of 5.
James Wang
Great game! I really like this, though I still haven’t beaten Tengu 😛 I keep getting trapped in a corner in the Goo fight… One thing I don’t like is how the Journal is in the pause menu. I feel like that’s “outside” the game. Also, I keep on accidentally using the offhand when I attacking, because that’s where I’m used to the attack button being. The biggest thing it’s that enemies aren’t surprised when I hide behind a door. These are all small issues, though, and I think it’s a wonderful game overall
Gerry Baksys
Like the changes, room for tweaking Among the comments others have made, i will add line of sight seems nerfed for the monsters. I was down the hallway outside of the room and the gnolls and thugs can still hit me? Edit: essentially, yeah. It’s like their cone of vision extends through the wall.


Hotfix 0.2.9e is out!
– Fixed game freezing during generating boss levels if there were items dropped into a into a chasm on a previous depth
– Fixed incorrect strength requirement shown when weapon in the off hand was identified, but item in the main hand was not
– Fixed wands from heros’ remains not having their sprite synced with current wand materials

November 29, 2016

5,000 – 10,000

Current Version

Requires Android
2.3 and up

Content Rating
Rated for 12+
Moderate Violence
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Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC is now available for free download. Directly download the Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC app setup files along with Bluestack installation files and follow the below-listed instructions to smoothly run Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC in your Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC Free Download Link: Click Here on the Link
Bluestack for PC Free Download Link: Click Here on the Link


Download Instructions for Yet Another Pixel Dungeon:

Inorder to run Yet Another Pixel Dungeon on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC, you will need an Android or iOS emulator to prepare the system environment for the mobile application. You will need to install Bluestack for PC on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC and then would need to install the Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC apk or setup file. Bluestack for PC is an top grossing award winning Android Emulator available in the market and is proficient to run all major Android/iOS mobile applications (including Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC) and mobile games on the host PC. In all, it would provide a mesmerizing experience running Yet Another Pixel Dungeon on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC.
Just follow the below-listed instructions to Download and Install Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC on your Windows XP/7/8/10 or MAC PC:
1. Download the Bluestack Standalone installation file from the link provided in the above section. 
2. BlueStacks-Installer_native.exe file consuming about 261.86 MB will be downloaded on your Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. 
3. After downloading the Standalone setup file, install the Bluestack on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. It would take about 2-5 minutes. Just skip through all the interrupts in between. 
4. Now, your Bluestack installation is over and you are ready to run it for the first time on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. Just feel free to have experience with its highly interactive look and functioning. 
5. The next step involves installing Summoners War for PC app on your Bluestack emulator. Just simply search in the Bluestack Apps Search Console for Summoners War game. You will be prompted to Play store from where you could download the Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC which would run smoothly on this Bluestack Emulator. 
6. If you feel somewhat confused with the above step, Just simply open the link provided in the above section in your Bluestack Browser and everything will be done automatically.

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