Nov 30, 2016

Download Ghost Town Adventures for PC – Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC for Free

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Know Your Ghost Town Adventures App – Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC

Download Ghost Town Adventures App on your Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PCIf sorcery is your cup of tea, if you think that the things that go bump in the night should go bump in the twilight and day too, then welcome to Ghost Town! Not long ago, its ethereal population had been enjoying their quiet lives… when along came the Playwright, and things went from spectral to spooky in a hurry. Little is known about him, but many have been caught up in the fear-and-dread play he is staging. Like any good play, it is loaded with bad, dreadfully bad villains. Who do you think are made to act them out? The good ghosts. These gentle apparitions who wouldn’t hurt a living thing now follow the Playwright’s lead in his mystical spectacle… and nowhere in Ghost Town is safe anymore. Spirits and souls, spectres and apparitions, and who knows what else are being forced to act in unwilling malice—for who knows what dreadful purpose!
You and the young sorceress Anna are Ghost Town’s only hope, the best and only heroes the ghosts have this side of the twilight. Together with the sorceress, you will overcome challenges, connect dots and crack cases, until you ultimately unravel the greatest mystery of all! Then and only then will the spectral beings know peace again, the good triumph over the evil, and the dreary fog of a thousand heartaches dissipate into so much nothingness… So tarry not! You are the dreadnaught hero Ghost Town needs, and the one it deserves!
Game features:
• Spectacular, state-of-the-art graphics to impress even the most demanding of players!
• Ghosts of all kinds: Apparitions, spectres, souls, spirits… You name ’em!
• 20 ghostly locations, each filled with the twilight of mystique
• Hundreds of challenges that will test you to your limits, and then make you glow with the satisfaction of having overcome them!
• Enemies galore—the most villainous, nefarious types you’ve ever gone up against. Do you have the guts to brave the twilight and give them what for alongside the sorceress?
• Over 30 unique characters, each with a personality all their own
• Stirring action-driven dialogue—now witty, now poignant—and so believable you won’t believe it.
• A fast-paced phantasmagoria of a story arc with excitingly unpredictable plot twists that will take your breath away!

70,499 total

5 44,406
4 14,746
3 6,820
2 1,743
1 2,784
Rip Redrum
Getting bored Its getting boring doing the same thing over and over….there is no challenge. The monsters you “attack” don’t even fight back! There is no way to lose lives in this game. I don’t feel I am accomplishing anything by playing.
Steph Bain
Getting annoyed and bored!!! Firstly I want to say just how much I have loved playing this game. It’s fun, colourful and entertaining. But what I really don’t like and get very annoyed about is the constant want and need to have to buy crystals which really are not cheap!!! Have decided to delete ur game…as much as I have enjoyed playing it’s far to expensive and keeps becoming more and more expensive as the game goes on…not enough crystals to help. Such a waste as it’s a great game but ripping ppl off is just not cool ?
Susan Lanceley
Great game Love it but…. Great game very addictive but need to complain a little. No adventures for ages then 5 come along. The storage room is hardly producing any items so not able to craft items fast enough. Taking ages to complete stages now. Play for 10 minutes then have to craft again. Getting fed up will uninstall if can’t move forward on game.
I Sof
Really love this game but agree cauldrons are time consuming. Sometimes takes more than a day to get start a new quest. Pretty pricey too to buy more crystals to speed things up. Glad to see more adventures.


Rudy has invited Anna to a party in his back yard. He seems to have some kind of idea.

November 14, 2016

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Ghost Town Adventures for PC is now available for free download. Directly download the Ghost Town Adventures for PC app setup files along with Bluestack installation files and follow the below-listed instructions to smoothly run Ghost Town Adventures for PC in your Windows XP/7/8/10 and MAC PC.

Ghost Town Adventures for PC Free Download Link: Click Here on the Link
Bluestack for PC Free Download Link: Click Here on the Link


Download Instructions for Ghost Town Adventures:

Inorder to run Ghost Town Adventures on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC, you will need an Android or iOS emulator to prepare the system environment for the mobile application. You will need to install Bluestack for PC on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC and then would need to install the Ghost Town Adventures for PC apk or setup file. Bluestack for PC is an top grossing award winning Android Emulator available in the market and is proficient to run all major Android/iOS mobile applications (including Ghost Town Adventures for PC) and mobile games on the host PC. In all, it would provide a mesmerizing experience running Ghost Town Adventures on your Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC PC.
Just follow the below-listed instructions to Download and Install Ghost Town Adventures for PC on your Windows XP/7/8/10 or MAC PC:
1. Download the Bluestack Standalone installation file from the link provided in the above section. 
2. BlueStacks-Installer_native.exe file consuming about 261.86 MB will be downloaded on your Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. 
3. After downloading the Standalone setup file, install the Bluestack on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. It would take about 2-5 minutes. Just skip through all the interrupts in between. 
4. Now, your Bluestack installation is over and you are ready to run it for the first time on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC. Just feel free to have experience with its highly interactive look and functioning. 
5. The next step involves installing Summoners War for PC app on your Bluestack emulator. Just simply search in the Bluestack Apps Search Console for Summoners War game. You will be prompted to Play store from where you could download the Ghost Town Adventures for PC which would run smoothly on this Bluestack Emulator. 
6. If you feel somewhat confused with the above step, Just simply open the link provided in the above section in your Bluestack Browser and everything will be done automatically.

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