Feb 11, 2017

Day R Premium

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Survive in the post-nuclear Soviet Union – conquer hunger, disease and enemies! Also online! You will have:

– a hardcore survival:
hunger, radiation, thirst, injury, illness will not let you relax.

– Living World:
Changing seasons, monsters, a huge map of the USSR with more than 2,500 unique cities.

– Weight capacity:
Hundreds of craft schemes, many types of equipment.

– People and stories
Dozens quests professionals allies.

– Bleeding:
mechanics, medicine, chemistry and more.

– Co-op:
online with chat, assumptions and joint combat.

Advantages of Premium version:
– Bonus items in an abandoned train
– Unlimited conservation
– Unlimited chat messages
– Ability to disable ads
– Set markers for cards
– Reduced waiting time between sending
– 1000 covers in an abandoned train
– 20% discount on all products in store

Unsure ? Try the free version:

Join the VC group to chat with other players and the developer directly: https://vk.com/ day_r_android

War never changes. In 1985 the Soviet Union fell under the onslaught of the unknown enemy. In a few days the whole country into a radioactive wasteland – now here reign of violence, hunger and disease.

Get ready for a truly hardcore – survival in a post-apocalyptic post-nuclear Soviet Union more difficult than it seems. It will be a real challenge, even in sandbox mode. These masters can experience hardcore, surviving in the “As in life.”

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