Feb 11, 2017

Corsairs: Seafood Empire Download Free 2017

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“Create undefeated battle fleet, fight in exciting sea battles, rob merchant ships competitors are engaged in trade, set its power over the sea ports, seize the posts of Governor-General in prosperous cities around the world!

* Breathtaking naval battles , resources, production and trade, big politics, intrigues and territorial disputes!
* Battle and trade regimes: take enemy ships boarded, protect their trade fleet and organize shopping expedition.
* Leveling, the creation of warships under drawings, production and upgrade resources.
* 150 different warships and merchant ships, 500 various items and goods, 40 unique skills.

Alone in the sea is not a pirate.
* Unite the clans and guilds!
* Go through the job, together with comrades!
* Beit shoulder to shoulder with his colleagues in the guild Wars .

* Compete with the legendary sea monster Kraken!
* Measure the immortal forces with the captain of the cursed ship by Philippe Van der Dekkenom.
* Participate in the regatta speed, bid, win prizes.
* Plundering, take part in fierce naval battles!
* Every day, win prizes and awards, open chests with valuable items.

ORIGINAL setting.
* Time of great geographical discoveries, Maritime history 15 – 18 centuries, the epoch of the pirates and conquerors!
* This romantic sea adventures and daring feats! Embark on an unforgettable voyage on the legendary battleship “Peter”!
* 3 great maritime powers: European navy, the Chinese Ming Dynasty, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
* 150 playable characters and the NPC, about 100 sea ports in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and America.
* World-famous sailors and pirates: Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Alexander Menshikov, Maurice Benevskaya and Blackbeard.

Stand at the head of a magnificent team desperate sea dogs! Create an invincible guild with friends, create an invincible armada, become a legend of the five oceans! “

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