Jan 27, 2017

Color Switch – Change the colors and try to overcome all obstacles

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Color Switch – this is a simple meaning, but very complex in an arcade game. Your task is to carry out multi-colored small ball over a lot of different obstacles. Whenever passing one or another obstacle, the ball will change color, and touch only with the same color.

Color Switch Gameplay is very simple: every time you press on the screen, you give the ball a little push. If you press too slow, the ball can fall and if too fast – it will come up against one of the many obstacles.

In the game you will find dozens of different obstacles: rotating colored triangles with sides, cubes made of little colored dots which increase in size, multi-colored vertical stripes that move from side to side … The game is actually a lot of different obstacles, It can be overcome only through the skills and reaction.

Color Switch – this arcade game with simple and fun gameplay and beautiful graphics. In addition, a lot of obstacles and goals, you will be able to open, provide a lot of fun.

requirementsRequires Android 2.3 or higher

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