Dec 27, 2016

Candy Crush Survival – Tips you need to know

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There are a multitude of small hints and tips that will make your Candy Crush game play a little easier, some you may have discovered for yourself, others may be a little more obscure and a result of an obvious addiction! At any rate it helps to know as much as possible on this seemingly endless voyage of sweet delight!

  • Learn to recognize patterns, as you progress you will begin to notice the opportunity to set up combinations by removing candies in a consistent pattern. I keep saying this, but knowing how to manipulate the board to set up such patterns is in my opinion the key to the game.

Two possible moves for two different candies; striped or wrapped



A horizontal candy is born!

The ‘two down, two above combination is a great way to gather extra striped candy, for example in the image to the right you will see that by crushing the 3 purple candies the two blue above drop to replace them in the horizontal column thus creating a combination of four, this horizontal union gives you a horizontal striped candy.



  • When fighting chocolate squares it’s handy to know their squishy properties, firstly they won’t grow, spawn or spread while you are actively knocking it out, this is why you need to assess each board and focus on taking out a chocolate square (or squares) in every move until they are all destroyed, or in the cast of the chocolate generators, reduced to a minimum. In most boards your special candies will not get consumed, but this leniency does not last for long.


When faced with the dilemma of asking friends for boarding passes to reach the next level (or land) you have the option to disconnect from facebook and “play quests” to get past the “lock”, if you beat the 3 quests (you have to wait a day between each, you’re good to move on. If you’re playing on your smartphone, go into the menus and disconnect from Facebook. When you go back to the level change screen you’ll be given the option to play it out rather than beg! (which is why its great to find at least 4 allies to share in your addiction… I mean enjoyment!)

  • You can’t have more than five lives at a time so don’t accept any until you’re out! Its often exciting to open up a new a game and find your friends have been delightfully thoughtful and sent you a swag of goodies. Just dont make the mistake of accepting all automatically, you will lose any extra lives if your quota is full and its a great idea to save those extra moves for boards that really need it…trust me they are coming (like the winter but probably a lot sooner!)
  • Devices count! ~ We all may not have the luxury of having several devices at our disposal but if you do..its awesome! particularly in terms of lives, I’m a wee bit of a candied addict and I will confess to a small ‘cheat’ I play on my laptop (5 lives), the office PC (5 lives), my mobile (5 lives)…My sons iPad (5 lives) husbands mobile (5 lives) …oh and an old iTouch! (5 lives) thats 30 lives in a day without any waiting and if you’ve ever been truly stuck you will understand my elation at this!
  • Don’t forget about the daily wheel, Have a crack each day and get some yummy goodness! Boosters are handy things to have in your reserves and I’m pretty sure you can stockpile them too!
  • Look at a new board carefully, I mean really LOOK, as you progress you will realise that this is actually a game of strategy. I have been tripped up a few times by rushing into a new board without fully understanding just how much jelly lay hidden behind rock the middle of the board, seriously who does that?girl
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