Jan 3, 2017

Candy Crush Saga – Level 50

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Level 50!…You’ve made good progress, you’re definitely getting the hang of this Candy Crush business, but if you have found yourself two or three jellies away from clearing this board time and time again, rest assured you are not alone! At first glance it may seem relatively easy but without a few lucky runs and some decent special combinations you are likely to come up short unless you use your moves wisely.50ab

With only 50 moves and whopping 17 wired in candies to free, each sporting its very own double jelly squishy centre, your work is definitely cut out here. Undoubtedly your first priority is to break into these candies, once the caged candies are free you can begin to seek the essential combinations required to generate some special candy and ideally, special candy combinations.50

Caged or wired in candies (or is it liquorice?) can only be freed by ‘crushing’ with the same type of candies or by being hit by a special candy ‘blast’. Striped and wrapper combinations are particularly useful with their horizontal and vertical three column clearing action, but due to the limited space you have creating these can be easier said than done.

The best way is to work this board is from the top down, if you remove too many candies from the bottom below the caged candies the spaces left will not be filled, leaving you with a frustrating ‘space’ or even ‘spaces’ that are only filled when the layer above gets cracked through.


Set up for a horizontal stripe or a wrapped candy, what you choose depends on what is nearby.


A set up for a vertical stripe or a wrapped candy, Look for the ‘L’ or the ‘T’ shape to build a combination.


Level 50 is a board that certainly requires a little forethought and some strategy (and more that a little luck), but is well within reach if you use your moves wisely. Take your time, that jelly isn’t going anywhere on its own….unfortunately.

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