Dec 20, 2016

Candy crush saga level 33 tips: tips, help, winning strategy

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Candy Crush Level 33 Tips and Help

The level 33 Crush candy is one of the most challenging levels in this game. The average person with an IQ of less than 50 will find puzzle 33 level is difficult to solve. However, this does not mean that you can not win this level. While there are codes, tips, guide, tutorial, instruction, and a little help, any person with an IQ of less than 10 can pass level 33 . First of all, understand the rules of level 33 is required. Although there are only 16 of jelly, you are given only 17 strokes to clear all the jelly. These jelly 16 mesh divided into four 4 x 4 blocks double jelly. Each grid is placed in the middle. With the restriction of moves is very difficult to win this game. However, there is a will there is a way. Tips are always available.

Start your first step when looking for any match to 4c. There will be match-5C of columns and rows. Start moving the bottom t. To. It can create more steps to get to double jelly in two or three times. With this strategy, you can double your move 17 to 34 course. Moreover, the creation of striped candy, chances to win this level anymore. Vertically striped candies are the most useful thing on the level 33 and you will never miss a chance to create a striped candy. Try to shift any striped candy fire double jelly and not to waste them.

If it is possible to create a wrapped candy, do not use it right away. Form another striped candy and make combos. The candy crush level 33, a combination equivalent to 5 moves. Watch our video guide below to complete the level candy crush 33 if you still can not get this game, read our advice and help.

Candy Crush Level 33 of the Rules

Candy Crush Saga Level 33 game
Level 33 – Lake Lemonade

33 complexity and the target level

Level 32 must be passed in order to play at 33. Forget about the 3 matches for the course is spent on the 3 matches you will fail. We are looking for 4 games and work from the bottom to create a double-double strokes clear jelly. Make a striped candy whenever possible. The patient should be at the level of 33 and please do not throw your iPad. The reward for the level 33 to go level 34 .

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