Dec 21, 2016

Candy Crush levels 30 to 35

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Candy Crush Saga takes an interesting turn as you hit the 30’s, much like life I suppose!

Level 30 is all about dropping cherries and hazelnuts. It kicks off with a small mound of rock candy that only takes one crush to disintegrate. It is however important that you do this before landing your ingredients on it, otherwise it gets a lot more complicated as a side attack is then required. Now you’ll notice that generally when your ingredients drop down they usually only come one at a time, so its best to either work that column or as with most boards aim for big hits that cause the most candy casualties.


This rock candy only takes one impact to destroy.

Level 31 is board dedicated to the special candy, there literally is no way to destroy the jelly by traditional crushing methods. At best you can employ two candy bombs combined together to clear the board once and for all. Even on their own colour Bombs are a good option to aim for as there is only three different types of candy on the board. Otherwise you can use vertical striped candies to knock out the jelly, this will work however it can be tricky ensuring that they align with where they need to go, in this case a striped/ wrapped combo is more effective.

31 31b31a

Level 32 is just a bit of fun! I enjoy the timed levels, they are a great excuse to smash candies in any which way you please! Of course the bigger the explosion the better for scoring points and the only real key tip for success here is to keep an eye out for the 5+ sweets that give you another 5 seconds on the clock, crush enough of these and you will soon find yourself on top of the leaderboard!


Level 32, Add valuable time by catching and crushing 5+ candies.


Level 33, move smart!

Level 33 requires a little strategy in terms of sugared economy, moves are limited so again you want to get the biggest ‘bang’ for your buck. The four sets of squares are interrelated as the columns fall from the top blocks to the bottom and explosions also reach across, but it can be a little deceptive. It helps to work from the top down and always take advantage of any combinations as you definately need them.


Level 34, Watch for the fast fall

Level 34 at first glance can be a little scarey, but it really is harmless once you get used to the way things travel. You’re again asked to bring the ingredients down to the bottom yet there are great big gaps in the board. The good news is these gaps dont affect the way the candies fall, they still come straight down (oh yes there is something to look forward to in the future!) The problem they do present is there are less candies and areas in which to create combinations, this however may work in your favour if you find it easier to spot potential combinations. Oh and the good news is the ingredients come down more than one at a time!

35 Level 35 appears to trip up (or stall) a of of people, a broken central column and pesky little side pockets add that extra degree of difficulty. The board however is otherwise open, you have a great deal of area in which to set up and make your big combos, and big combos are exactly what this board needs.


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